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NFJS 2005 season starts tomorrow

· One min read

No Fluff Just Stuff symposium 2005 season is starting tomorrow.

I love speaking at NFJS symposiums. These symposiums are very well organized, topics chosen are timely and relevant, attendees are awesome, and the speaker selection is great :-). The thing I like most about these symposiums is interactions between speakers and attendees. These interactions help me understand different views and address specific questions and concerns. I also like feedback provided by the attendees, which helps me continuously improve my presentations.

This year, my talks will cover topics in aspect-oriented programming, core Java, and J2EE. This will be the most exciting year for AOP. With the merger of AspectJ+AspectWerkz and incorporation of many new features in AspectJ 5 (such as support for metadata-based crosscutting), adopting AOP will be easier than ever before. Through my AOP talks, I hope to convey the real deal behind AOP, show many real world applications of it, and discuss pragmatic paths in adopting it.

One of the perks of being an NFJS speaker is getting to attend other speakers' talks. There are many new talks this year and I am looking forward to attend them.

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